New Generation III Outdoor Condensing Units Packed with Features

Tecumseh is pleased to announce the availability of its new line of Gen III Outdoor Air-Cooled Condensing Units.
January 22, 2013

Tecumseh is pleased to announce the availability of its new line of Gen III Outdoor Air-Cooled Condensing Units. Gen III Outdoor condensing units are designed specifically for refrigeration applications where reliable cooling is required under varying loads and operating conditions. Reliability starts with the compressor and at the heart of every Gen III Unit is a performance-proven Tecumseh compressor, built with exacting standards to handle the rigors of commercial refrigeration.

Ideal applications include walk-in coolers and freezers for commercial end-use markets such as convenience stores, restaurants, cafeterias and fast food outlets.

Base condensing unit models are packed with features such as filter driers, suction-line accumulator, oversized receiver tank, pressure controls, service valves, defrost timer and a crank-case heater. Heated receivers as well as, fixed and adjustable condenser fan controls are offered as available options.

Generously sized condenser coils insure that the unit maintains case temperature even when outdoor ambient air temperatures exceed seasonal norms. The open enclosure design improves airflow and contributes to the condensing unit’s overall performance and reliability. Gen III Outdoor condensing units are equipped with an easy-to-remove panel for ready access to electrical devices, operating and safety controls and the compressor thereby, improving serviceability. All-in-one service access allows side-by-side installation of condensing units, reducing the time required to perform maintenance.

An oversized receiver tank accommodates a larger refrigerant charge insuring proper system operation over a broad range of ambient temperatures. Gen III’s compact footprint provides flexibility of condensing unit mounting locations.

A premium heavy-duty galvanized corrosion resistant steel enclosure protects the condensing unit’s mechanical and electrical components from rain, sleet, snow and other elements that can shorten product life and performance. Three (3) base sizes are available to insure that the footprint is scaled with unit capacity.

Single and dual condenser fan models are available ranging from 1/2 to 7-1/4 HP, compatible with refrigerants R22 and R404A. The Gen III product line is equipped with Tecumseh reciprocating and scroll compressors and includes models that are capable of handling high, medium and low temperature applications.